Why Chickpea Protein?

Not listed as an allergen | GMO free | Tasty and Appealing | Safe and Sustainable

Adding 2% chickpea protein enables removal of carrageenans and modified starches

Significant amounts of all essential amino acids (except Sulphur)

Rich in nutritionally important unsaturated fatty acids

Creates a firm & stable emulsion that stays stable during shelf-life

Forms a foam for producing airy gluten-free baked goods

Water and fat binding – generates a rich mouthfeel and increases the viscosity of product

Functional in both cold and warm methods of preparation

Has a subtle taste that does not overcome other flavors

The Best of Nature.

The Best of Science.

Together for you.

Our Story

Dr. Ascher Shmulewitz, a pediatrician and an engineer, was fascinated by the idea that food could prevent and cure diseases. Wanting to bring health and wellness to his patients, he studied the chickpea, which is today considered by consumers as a superfood that is not listed as an allergen. In his work, Dr. Shmulewitz developed the technology to extract a unique plant based protein from the chickpea. We are pleased and proud to present this protein for use in clean label food for the health of the global market.  TO YOUR HEALTH!

collage of products using chickpea protein

Unique food applications
based on our
novel Plant Based Protein.




Plant Based Protein Consumption is on the Rise

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million Americans are considered to be overweight or obese
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million Americans have food allergies to: milk, eggs, wheat and soy
of Americans consider themselves vegetarian, flexitarians, vegan
of Americans are lactose intolerant
of Americans eat gluten-free products
of consumers are avoiding or reducing GMOs in their diet

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  • January 17, 2019
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Natural Products INSIDER published a January 2019 report focusing on the plant-based proteins market. The deep-dive report extols the many virtues...


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